Our Story

We are Stuart and Kim Bartman, a husband-and-wife team whose passion for nature and wildlife was ignited during our high school years. When we met in our 20s, we quickly discovered that our shared love for the bush was a strong common interest. Despite our hectic schedules with our respective jobs, we always found time to enjoy the wilderness, seizing every opportunity to go camping.
As a couple, we dedicated our spare time to volunteering with wildlife organizations. Our commitment grew stronger as we joined the committee of the Wildlife Society, and later, we had the honour of serving as Chairman of both the Wildlife Society and People for Wildlife. During these years, we not only deepened our knowledge but also ran a ranger and guide training program.
In 1998, we welcomed our son Kyeren into the world. At just six weeks old, he joined us on his first campout during winter, marking the beginning of our journey as a "party of three Bush Babies."
In 2006, we embraced a new adventure by buying into Karibu Safari and moving to the Okavango Delta in Botswana. For 14 years, we thrived as mobile safari ground operators, sharing the magic of the wilderness with others. However, the onset of Covid brought profound challenges as we lost a family member, Karibu and close friends.
Through all these challenges that life has thrown at us, we couldn't ignore the years of experience we gained from being trusted industry insiders. We have now unified our experiences and knowledge of the safari industry to be your specialist Africa inbound tour operator.
Welcome to Bartman Travel! We are dedicated to sharing this passion with you, creating unforgettable journeys that connect you with the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Join us, and let's explore the wild together.
What exactly is a Mobile Safari?
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While a safari traditionally revolves around observing wildlife, for many individuals, an African holiday is also an opportunity to delve into untamed landscapes. It's about connecting with nature, venturing off the well-trodden paths, and relishing solitude. In this regard, a mobile safari offers the grassroots experience that heightens all of your senses to the adventures of the great explorers.

In the context of a mobile safari, your camp relocates with you to different bush locations. Between each campsite, you embark on game drives through diverse environments, encountering a variety of wildlife and landscapes.

Mobile safaris have gained immense popularity because they offer a unique journey through remote parts of Africa, providing a sense of isolation, except for the camp crew responsible for moving your luxury camp while you engage in daytime game viewing. These safaris purposefully venture into new a territory every 2–3 days, deliberately exploring the most untouched wilderness areas. This ensures unparalleled wildlife sightings, and the assurance that your African adventure is exclusive.

Come and discover the real Africa with us!

Why Book with us
Competitive rates: We offer prices that compete with the best in the industry.
Competitive rates: We offer prices that compete with the best in the industry.
Quick response: Our team ensures prompt replies to your inquiries and booking requests.
Tailor-made itineraries: Crafted specifically to suit your preferences and needs.
Experienced consultants: Benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals.
Convenient: Streamlined booking process for your ease and comfort.
Destination experts: Our team comprises specialists in various destinations, ensuring you receive expert advice and guidance.
Choosing between Self-drive and Guided Tours
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When it comes to experiencing the diverse landscapes and cultures of Africa, travellers often face the decision between embarking on a self-drive adventure or opting for a guided tour. Each option has its own set of advantages and considerations, catering to different preferences and travel styles.
Self-Drive Adventures: Freedom and Flexibility

One of the key attractions of a self-drive safari or exploration in Africa is the unparalleled freedom it offers. Travellers can set their own pace, detouring off the beaten path to discover hidden gems or spend extra time at a particular location. The thrill of navigating through vast landscapes and encountering wildlife on your terms can be a deeply enriching experience.

However, self-drive adventures also come with challenges. Navigating unfamiliar terrains and understanding local road conditions can be daunting. Wildlife encounters require a deep understanding of safety protocols, and mechanical issues may arise without immediate support. It demands a sense of self-reliance and adventure spirit.
Guided Tours: Expertise and Convenience
Guided tours in Africa provide a curated and hassle-free experience. Knowledgeable guides offer insights into the region's flora, fauna, and cultural nuances, enhancing the overall journey. Safety is prioritized, and travellers can focus on enjoying the scenery without the stress of navigation.
Guided tours often include comfortable accommodations, meals, and well-planned itineraries, streamlining the travel experience. This is particularly beneficial in regions where logistics might be challenging or in areas with specific entry requirements.
Choosing the Right Fit
Ultimately, the choice between a self-drive adventure and a guided tour in Africa hinges on personal preferences and comfort levels. If you crave independence, enjoy navigating diverse terrains, and possess a sense of adventure, a self-drive option might be ideal. On the other hand, if you prefer a curated experience, expert guidance, and the convenience of not having to worry about logistics, a guided tour might be the perfect choice.
While the initial estimation of expenses for the self-drive option may seem attractive, the true costs can escalate unexpectedly due to unforeseen circumstances or unaccounted expenses, ultimately surpassing the upfront and easily budgeted costs associated with a guided tour.
Africa's allure lies in its vast landscapes, captivating wildlife, and rich cultures. Whether you choose to navigate the roads on your own or opt for a guided journey, the continent promises an unforgettable adventure for every traveller.